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Creature Comfort: a new song after a long time

Over the past year and a half, most of us have had to deal with degrees of distance and uncertainty that we likely never imagined. Isolated from friends and family, we have had to find courage and persistence in the midst of a personal and collective anguish that has, at times, seemed to stretch in perpetuity.

During this time, I have found myself returning to the old and forgotten well that is my music. A guitar, an office, and a laptop - familiar comforts with which I first set about sharing pieces of myself so many years ago. Again, I have found solace in simple songs and simple things.

As I look around and see so many of my friends running on the final fumes of ancient fires, I know it does no good to keep these melodies to myself. And so, perhaps a little late, I am sending something new into the digital ether.

In truth, it is one of the most honest songs I think I've written in quite a while. It is a song about anxieties and depressions that, for many, existed before the pandemic and may persist when COVID-19 is nothing but a distant memory - sufferings exacerbated by a year that has thrown our social graces out of practice and our communities out of sync.

Yet it is also a song about persistence and futurity. It is about the courage it takes to keep fighting the good fight - to replace sociability with hospitality and our most honest selves. About what offerings we can make when we fear we might have nothing left to give.

I appreciate that you've all entertained me for this long preamble. Reading it back, I suppose it may all seem a little self-indulgent. The truth is that I'm thinking of you all.

- N.

Creature Comfort

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