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Personal Update: August 2021

August was a strange month.

On the one hand, I tied up a lot of loose ends in preparation for the fall. I finalized a draft of my first substantive dissertation chapter and sent it off, my stream continued to grow, and I finally met the requirements for PhD Candidacy and put a book-end on my time as a student.

On the other, I spent a lot of the month feeling disorganized and un-tethered. I often talked on stream about the disconnect I was feeling and, though I eventually found my footing and tied up loose ends, I know it wasn't my most productive window.

I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling like this past month has been a lot. And though I can't pretend like my compulsive list-building and digital calendar management are for everyone, I will note that the most useful thing I've done all August is learn to let myself be in it.

More than any other time during the pandemic, this month has challenged me to roll with the transient waves of unpredictability, getting things done when I can and accepting the rest as the slow movement of a tide that will eventually land me back on shore.

Now, with September nigh, I am hoping I can hit that shore running. I am planning to revitalize the stream, begin work on my first applied dissertation chapter (hello, Toronto?), and return to this space with the analytical fervour that only an election cycle can bring.

- N

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