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Personal Update: July

Well, it feels like summer. People are getting outside, the humidity is climbing, and the sweaty visage of lethargy is looming heavy over the workday.

For me, I find it has significantly shifted the types of work that I feel ready for on any given day.

The thing that's taken the biggest hit is my music. I'm still writing, and really challenging myself on guitar, but I haven't been sitting down at my computer to record as much. I have a couple more songs that are relatively finished, sitting in the backlog, but even Northern Wolves was somewhat rushed in the end. Though I'm eager to get more music out there, I'm also learning to accept that it may be worth waiting for my energies to realign with the production process.

At the same time, I've been getting more and more excited about my streaming. We are now over 50 followers on Twitch, and climbing steadily towards the average viewership needed to become a Twitch Affiliate. That comes with all kinds of perks, including subscription options and more creative tools for viewer engagement. I'm not about to drop everything and go all-in on the streaming game, but the speed at which SilentioRS has reached this point does make me wonder how far this thing can go.

Streaming has also been my most consistent and structured activity at a time when the academic work is a bit chaotic and all-consuming. For the past two weeks, I've been power-reading my way through primary texts that I can't believe I put off for so long. It's been tremendously rewarding reading through such foundational pieces chronologically (I highly recommend it), but reading and note-taking don't hold to the 9-5 so well, and I've been both sleeping in and staying up late accordingly.

When my structured schedule becomes so unstable, I have to be especially on guard for both my physical and mental health. Especially because streaming has been my anchor lately, it's been harder to stay on top of my exercise and healthy eating. Just over halfway into July, I'm looking forward to getting back on track.

With the reading out of the way, I'll be switching my attention back to writing. I also have a French test at the end of the week, which I feel tremendously unprepared for. Whereas past months have seen me splitting my time between several tasks, this summer is going to be much more hyper-focused.

Here's hoping it all goes well.

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