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Personal Update: March 9 2021

Spring is in the air. Snow is melting, the rain has stopped freezing, and it's been sunny for a few days in a row, now.

A lot has changed since I last put together some kind of update. I can proudly report that my dissertation proposal has been approved and, with the exception of an outstanding language requirement, I've checked all the boxes needed for the move to candidacy. I've also set new health and wellness goals, read a few books, and binged Ted Lasso. Shout out to BBC and CBC gem, as well, for bringing such a pleasant surprises as Normal People and Trigonometry into the world.

As fortunate as I've been, this transitory period is a strange place to be. For starters, there are no more deadlines. There are general timelines, of course, but no specific dates approaching that I can procrastinate my way towards. It's a canyon, now, between me and the thing I'm here to do.

Still, my project is coming into focus. My reading is turning into writing and I am rambling less when people ask me about my ideas. I have WPSA at the end of the month and CPSA in the summer, which I am using as self-made deadlines for my first chapter.

Beyond the lack of deadlines, my biggest challenge lately has been screen exhaustion. After a few weeks of non-stop grading and Zoom calls, I've lacked the energy to open PDFs and working in Word documents has been a chore. My strategy, so far, has been more walks, a Kobo, and a re-balanced day that sees me spending much smaller chunks of time on my laptop and phone.

As writing becomes a bigger priority, though, I feel pressure to find my way back to my laptop.

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