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Personal Update: May 2021

May has been an interesting and uneven month. Though there are a lot of tangible things I've been working on, the entire month has gone by in a haze. It's been quite the contrast to April, in which I was drowned by very specific deadlines and other external demands on my time.

At least part of the reason for this haze is that I've been so immersed in my writing. Spurred on by upcoming conferences, I've spent much of May in that last minute rush during which the rest of my life comes to operate in a sort of autopilot. In such a scramble, my side projects tend to become more disorganized and sporadic, squeezed into the cracks of each day.

I also blame the playoffs.

Still, a few new measures of consistency sprouted this month. The biggest has been my streaming, which I do every weekday morning and select evenings every week. I've also been able to continue working on my music, though I'm operating with the more reserved expectation that I might release one new song each month.

There's no doubt that April and May have stretched me a little thin. With that said, I believe in all the things I'm doing, including the things I'm doing for me, and I find that goes a long way.

The truth is that your welcome has meant the world to me. To share so much with all of you has been such a life-giving experience. I hope to reciprocate that generosity as best I can.

I do suspect that I'll change gears once I begin preparing for chapter two. Less last-minute rush. More reading. Perhaps even a vacation. I've also done the work of figuring out which projects belong on the back-burner and which I should probably filter out completely.

In any case, thank you. I've loved the opportunity to connect with each of you, old friends and new faces alike. It makes me more determined than ever to keep waking up on time and hanging out with you in this digital space.

Who knows. With the weather warming and things continuing to move in the right direction, perhaps I'll see some of you soon.

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